MPP9 Projects Completion Summary

Brief on NDSP4 Additional Services Contract

Since 2002, prior to commencement of NDSP4, the European Commission has supported three micro-projects programmes that have covered all nine Niger Delta states. The three programmes, namely MPP3, MPP6 and MPP9, have provided over 2,000 communities with socially and economically relevant micro projects; which have contributed to the reduction of tensions and communities have started to engage their Local Government Authorities about their social needs.

Following MPP9 official closure in November 2013, supplementary short-term technical assistance contracts were awarded to national consultants until July 13, 2015 in order to continue work on the supervision and provisional/final acceptance of completed micro-projects to avoid major disruption of programme implementation.

A technical assistance team was arranged to ensure continuation in construction supervision and financial monitoring of works through Addendum No. 1 to the Service Contract of the Consortium led by Planet S.A. (aimed to provide Technical Assistance for NDSP4), with the objective to supervise the construction and perform provisional/final acceptance of MPP9 outstanding micro-projects.

The NDSP4 additional services contract (completion of MPP9) was carried out in parallel to the Consultant’s main work on NDSP4 which was designed to implement the outstanding projects not covered by MPP9 and, subject to budget availability, implement additional projects up to a total of about 800 micro projects.